12:00 – 14:00
Workshop A

Introduction to Spatial Biology & Applications: Fundamentals, Insights, & Workflow Integration


This workshop is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive introduction to spatial biology and its applications, making it accessible to attendees with varying levels of familiarity with the field. From fundamental concepts to real-world applications in oncology, this workshop aims to equip participants with a solid foundation and insights into the integration of spatial biology into research workflows, with a focus on translational applications. A perfect start to ensure you get the most out of your three-day summit!

This workshop will gather experts to:

• Deep-dive into the pros and cons of the multitude of technologies currently on offer to help you cut through the noise

• Explore the current applications and use cases of spatial biology in immuno-oncology research as well as drug development

• Discuss the integration of spatial biology techniques into research workflows, particularly in translational research settings

15:00 – 16:30
Speed Learning


To fully harness Spatial Biology for Immuno-Oncology research, discussions must be held to overcome some of the biggest challenges.

In this quick-fire session, you have the opportunity to choose a table, each hosted by a spatial biology expert who will lead the conversation on one of these topics, then move on to the next, allowing you to discuss ideas in each area:

  • Fundamentals of spatial data analysis 
  • Acquiring samples
  • Lessons Learned from the last year – how have you harnessed spatial biology?
  • The future of spatial – will it revolutionize research or be another research tool?

18:00 – 20:00
News & Brews in Partnership with Roche

  • Luke Benko Digital Pathology International Business Leader, Roche

Multiplex IHC: Delivering the Next Generation of Companion Diagnostics

  • Mark Hellewell International Product Manager, Personalised Healthcare Solutions - Oncology, Roche
  • Timothy Ritty Marketing Manager, Roche


Why is mIHC important? Key drivers behind multiplex becoming the future of IHC testing

Realizing medical value and utility

Delivering mIHC to the clinic: A novel end-to-end solution

Value of digital pathology for mIHC

*Attendance free for delegates and is subject to approval and by invitation only