7:45 am Conference Registration & Welcome Coffee

8:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Unlocking the Power of Spatial Biology to Revolutionize Immuno-Oncology

9:00 am Harmonizing Discovery by Bridging Clinical & Computational Experts in Spatial Biology


• Fostering collaboration between clinical and discovery researchers to unlock new spatial biology insights

• Exploring the synergy of wet lab techniques with computational analysis for comprehensive spatial profiling

• Developing strategies for gaining organizational support for spatial biology projects

9:30 am Digital Pathology, Tomorrow’s Solutions Today

  • Luke Benko Digital Pathology International Business Leader, Roche


  • Innovating comprehensive AI-driven ecosystems for various applications through Roche’s Digital Pathology Open Environment
  • Committing to supporting companies in their digital workflow journey, adapting to their evolving needs
  • Enhancing confidence in analysis, and improved lab efficiency through faster slide access, cost reduction, and faster diagnostics through Roche’s digital technology

10:00 am Molecular Pathology in Preclinical Safety Assessments


• Application of molecular pathology techniques in preclinical safety assessments

• Tissue expression profiling to anticipate and mitigate adverse events, ensuring safer immunotherapy

• Best practices for the development of multiplex immunofluorescence panels and image analysis

10:30 am Speed Networking


Bump elbows with your fellow spatial leaders! This is your opportunity to network and forge new contacts with peers in the industry. Join speed networking to meet a broad spectrum of attendees at the summit, and exchange details to catch up later in the event.

11:00 am Morning Break

11:30 am Empowering Translational Research through Spatial Biology


• Utilizing AI for phase three trails

• Demonstrating the innovative application of computational biology in unlocking translational research mechanisms

• Understanding spatial’s importance in evaluating drug efficacy, particularly with specific patient populations, and harnessing the potential for groundbreaking discoveries

12:00 pm Accelerating spatial biology with COMET™


  • Learn how to generate reproducible spatial data with fully automated COMET™ staining and imaging platform
  • Explore the cellular microenvironment with HORIZON™, an intuitive and user-friendly software designed for seamless integration with COMET™
  • Discover COMET's upcoming spatial multiomics application combining RNAscope® and spatial proteomics on the same tissue section

12:30 pm Lunch Break & Networking

Navigating the Evolution of Spatial Biology to Discover Unparalleled Advancements

1:30 pm Navigating Technology Integration & Platform Selection in Spatial Biology

  • Lauri Diehl Executive Director - Research Pathology and Pathologist, Gilead


• Integrating spatial biology technologies and mastering combining strategies for seamless workflows

• Navigating the complexities of platform selection by comparing available options, weighing pros and cons

• Integrating spatial data with non-spatial data for deeper insights

2:00 pm Samples to High-Quality Spatial Insights: Comprehensive Biomarker Strategies to Decipher the Tumor Microenvironment.

  • Gourab Chatterjee Associate Director - Product Management, Research & Development, Ultivue


Enabling high-confidence insights through robust InSituPlex(R) (ISP) assays and AI-driven image analysis.

Combining assay precision and consistency with flexibility in panel design to accelerate verification of biological hypotheses.

Deploying comprehensive biomarker strategies through validated ISP panels, custom assay development and spatial image analysis

2:30 pm Panel Discussion: Pioneering Advances in Spatial Biology Technologies

  • Ariel Chen Associate Director - Biomarker, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Interventional Oncology, Johnson & Johnson Interventional Oncology
  • Justin Lucas Head of Translational Research, Adlai Nortye
  • Colles Price Principal Scientist, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
  • Lauri Diehl Executive Director - Research Pathology and Pathologist, Gilead


• Discovering revolutionary spatial biology technologies, opening new dimensions of research possibilities

• Delving into the nuances of spatial analysis technologies, from bulk analysis to single-cell analysis and special genomics

• Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of diverse spatial technologies, considering factors such as data quality, costeffectiveness, and interpretability

3:15 pm Afternoon Break & Networking

Catalyzing Portfolio Succ/ess Through Unveiling the Power of Tumor Microenvironment Dynamics

3:45 pm Spatial Biology to Enhance Targeted Therapeutics

  • Tom Turi Chief Scientific Officer, Flagship Biosciences


Evolution of Precision Medicine

New approaches for biomarker discovery through spatial biology

Applying spatial biology to support ADC development

4:15 pm The CCR4 Antagonist, FLX475, Alters Treg Infiltration & Localization in the Tumor Microenvironment & Improves Clinical Response

  • Paul Kassner Senior Vice President of Quantitative and Computational Biology, RAPT Therapeutics


• Discovering how FLX475 works and its impact on altering Treg infiltration within the tumor microenvironment

• Exploring how FLX475 influences Treg migration and localization, with a focus on strategies to target the tumor microenvironment for improved therapeutic outcomes

• Uncovering the latest clinical trial results and future directions for utilizing FLX475 to enhance clinical responses in cancer treatment

4:45 pm Leveraging AI-Enabled Spatial Imaging to Power Insights in Immune-Oncology


  • Tracking immune cell therapy infiltration in patient-derived tumor organoid co-cultures
  • Comparing Visium CytAssist interassay similarity and cellular deconvolution
  • Generating super-resolved spatial transcriptomics with deep learning models

5:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Paul Kassner Senior Vice President of Quantitative and Computational Biology, RAPT Therapeutics

5:30 pm End of Day One

Evening at the Roche Arcade


Join Roche for an arcade evening that promises fun and excitement for all of our attendees! Expect, drinks, canapes Pinball, Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4, and more. But this event is more than just gaming—it's a chance to cultivate our spatial community. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, expand your network, and forge meaningful connections.