The 2023 Event Has Run: Thank You to Our Speakers, Sponsors and Delegates for Joining Us at the Meeting!

The Conference with Practical Answers on Implementation Strategies for Immuno-oncology Spatial Profiling Technologies

The inaugural Spatial Biology for Immuno-Oncology Summit has been created at a time when Spatial Biology has the potential to completely transform our molecular understanding of how tissues function – being hailed as the “next life science revolution”. To make this exciting vision a reality, practical, real-world implementation strategies need to be defined.

Next January over 100 immuno-oncology leaders will be uniting in San Diego to work towards overcoming challenges in translating spatial technologies to the clinic. Drilling into specific challenges around bioinformatics, reproducibility, data analysis, and technology implementation

The 2023 Spatial Biology for Immuno-Oncology Summit will offer practical, implementable strategies that cut through the marketing hype to offer to understand what can be achieved, and the strategies required to do it, you cannot afford to miss this crucial date in the precision medicine industry calendar in 2022.