Optimization of An Integrated MultiOmyx-RNAscope Hyperplex Assay for Co-Detection and Characterization of Multiple Protein and RNA biomarkers Within the Tumor Microenvironment (TME)

Time: 1:30 pm
day: Day Two


• The Integrated MultiOmyx-RNAscope assay allows for simultaneous analysis of RNA/protein in the TME and is a powerful tool for mapping CAR-T cells or identifying the cellular source of secreted proteins (e.g. cytokines)

• A precision study of the V2 assay using 3 CRC samples demonstrates it is a robust and sensitive planform for co-detection of RNA/protein in a single FFPE sample

• The Integrated MultiOmyx-RNAscope assay V2 shows improved biomarker signal/noise and detection